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"Tobacco use continues to be the number one leading cause of preventable death across NC
and the US. Unfortunately, NC continues to have significantly higher smoking rates (at 20.9%)
compared to the US as a whole (18.4%)." ...

North Carolina Prevention Partners released their 2012 Report Card for North Carolina. Meg Molloy, President and CEO of NC Prevention Partners says, "...NC is maintaining a B in tobacco prevention despite the tougher standards of the new decade. While this is good news, we are in danger of losing ground. Our legislature is faced with fiscal challenges, but must provide critical support to fully fund NC’s tobacco prevention programs, and protect our smoke-free laws. In the area of obesity and nutrition, NC is in serious trouble. 

State leaders must move past the point of analysis and discussion, and make healthy food and physical activity a priority.
Poor health is an economic issue. Tobacco use and obesity are driving up the cost of doing business in NC, and driving jobs to healthier states.
This is a critical time to step forward for a healthier NC. We have nine short years to climb a steep mountain. Please join in the effort to help NC achieve
prevention goals, one law, one community, one organization, one individual, one step at a time...."

To download the complete report and for more information on NC Prevention Partners, please visit the links below.

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